Laura G: Making Modifications

Hi everyone- Laura here! I am a board member of Beyond Hunger and happy to share my shopping experience and preparation for this challenge with you all.

I must admit I was ill-prepared for this shopping trip. I ran a 5K earlier in the day and was not prepared for only spending $20 for the next five days of food. The food I purchased was not as healthy as it consisted of Ramen noodles, chicken, sandwich meat and bread and eggs, tortillas and chorizo and the only fruit I could afford were apples and bananas. I couldn’t get cheese because it was just too much and would have put me over the limit. Also, I have white rice at home so I spent under my official total. And, not having access to my usual Trader Joes or Aldi stores made it especially difficult when trying to make the $1 stretch further.

Since I am a person who loves to workout everyday; I had to take it easier on my workout today and not incorporate weights like I usually do. The metabolic effect from weight lifting tends to create a long lasting need to eat and it is not possible for this challenge so I stayed away from working out too much.

This week is going to be a difficult one when thinking of the families that face hunger throughout the year and still have hard labor jobs or even a job that keeps you on your feet so your burning calories daily. I appreciate this challenge every year but understand my privilege to only have to truly experience this for less than a week. I realize that with this very little allotment- that the food pantry providing over 80 pounds of food per family is truly transformational and the options are so important. I am so grateful for organizations that help with critical needs for all people experiencing hunger.

Laura G., Board Member