Northwest Food Partners Network (NFPN) Network Coordinator

About the Anti-Hunger Corps:
The Anti-Hunger Corps VISTA program aims to reduce hunger and, poverty, and build the capacity of the agencies that address these issues. Members will build the capacity of the organization to assist unemployed and under-employed people obtain job training, job placement, and financial literacy services; improve access to food from government and nonprofit sources for targeted populations in particular and food insecure people in general; enable residents of food deserts to access healthier foods through farmers markets and community gardens; help more low-income children to obtain free school breakfasts and summer meals; enable  nonprofit groups fighting hunger and poverty to raise more money and recruit and manage more volunteers, particularly high-impact and skilled volunteers.

About the Northwest Food Partners Network
Since 2009, the Northwest Food Partners Network (NFPN) has been a coalition of emergency food providers, social service providers, healthcare providers, shelter services, and other community organizations allying to fight and end hunger on the Northwest side of Chicago. La Casa Norte is the lead organization of NFPN, and La Casa Norte has historically hosted the NFPN VISTA. In an effort to expand the reach of the network further on the westside of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, Beyond Hunger is joining as VISTA host this year.  Beyond Hunger will provide strategic expansion, and data mapping oversight, while La Casa Norte will provide day-to-day supervision and continue to oversee monthly network meetings. Currently, NFPN has member organizations in Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Hermosa, Belmont Cragin, Avondale, East Garfield Park, and West Town. The network has recently been expanding its membership and external partnerships, particularly in response to COVID-19 and the food insecurity the pandemic has caused.

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Position Description:

Northwest Food Partners Network (NFPN)/Beyond Hunger in partnership Hunger Free America is seeking a full-time VISTA member to serve as the Northwest Food Partners Network (NFPN) Network Coordinator.

About the Outreach & Data Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA Opportunity

The NFPN Network Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA supports anti-hunger capacity-building efforts in our community. The role entails both short term and long-term responsibilities. On a day-to-day basis, the VISTA is responsible for maintaining communications within the network and with the network’s external connections and partners. Throughout their service year, they will be expected to implement new procedures, create new internal and external connections, organize new programs and events, apply for funding and other opportunities, and devise any other means of bolstering the network’s capacity and sustainability.

The goal of the NFPN VISTA position is to build the short- and long-term sustainability of the network and its member organizations.
Structural Sustainability: The VISTA will help build and maintain internal (i.e. between NFPN members) and external (i.e. between NFPN and other community organizations/networks) connections and partnerships.
Procedural Sustainability: The VISTA will document existing network procedures and any new procedures they create.
Programmatic Sustainability: The VISTA will help ensure the sustainability of the network’s programming. VISTA will also brainstorm and lead implementation of new anti-hunger programming ideas, and if those ideas are able to be implemented successfully, they will make efforts to ensure the sustainability of such programming.
Funding Sustainability: The VISTA will seek and apply for funding that the network could use to improve anti-hunger programming and capacities.

Short Term Capacity Building Task Examples:
• Organizing, communicating, preparing for, and leading the network’s Monthly Meetings
• Sharing frequent updates with the network regarding funding opportunities, new hunger-related services, changes to SNAP and other hunger-oriented government programs, hunger-related events, and other developments
• Coordinating food, in-kind, and monetary donations to the network
• Updating the network’s Facebook page and website

Long-Term Capacity Building Task Examples:
• Helping network members implement the network’s 2020 Strategic Plan and draft the 2021 Strategic Plan
• Recruiting new community organizations and businesses to join NFPN and collaborate with other NFPN members
• Increasing NFPN participation and visibility in other community, city, state, and national organizations, associations, and network
• Creating and implementing new procedures for communication and collaboration between NFPN members
• Recruiting and coordinating a Community Advisory Council comprised of community members with lived-experience of food insecurity
• Finding and applying for funding opportunities for NFPN
• Revising the network’s website to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Time Commitment:
This is a one year, full-time position beginning October 26, 2020. You are expected to be available for the needs of your community and project at all times, including days, nights and weekends. Because AmeriCorps VISTA service requires a full immersion in the project and community, there are restrictions on outside full-time employment, along with some restrictions on political and religious activities.  For more information, please review the AmeriCorps VISTA Terms, Conditions and Benefits information available here -

You are responsible for finding your own housing. 

Program Benefits:
• $513.94 bi-weekly Living Allowance
• Segal Education Award ($6,195) or End-of-Service stipend ($1,800)
• Health benefits*
• Housing assistance for one-month rent
• Potential to forbear or defer student loans while in service
• Relocation assistance (if applicable)
• Childcare assistance (if applicable)
• One-year non-competitive status for federal government positions
• A network of over 180,000 AmeriCorps VISTA members and alums

How to Apply:
Please include a cover letter and resume when applying through the AmeriCorps portal:

For more information see:

*For more information on health coverage provided through CNCS, visit: