SNAP Challenge

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The SNAP Challenge helps raise awareness of hunger and food insecurity in America.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, feeds millions of hungry families every month.  With the rising cost of food, and other household expenses piling up (utilities, rent, clothing, transportation, medical bills...) SNAP benefits can be a families' only access to food.  The SNAP Challenge serves to educate participants on the importance of SNAP benefits and inspire them to take long-term action to fight hunger.

Sunday, September 22nd: Eating Healthfully on a Budget
Monday, September 23rd: Making Modifications
Tuesday, September 24th: Getting Creative
Wednesday, September 25th: Taunted by Tomatoes
Thursday, September 26th: Fixed Budget & Diet
Friday, September 27th: Variety is a Luxury


Participants are challenged to spend no more than $4.46 per person per day - the average SNAP allotment - on food for the duration of the Challenge (we encourage participants to go a full week).  For a full week, this equates to $31.22 per person (for a five-day work week challenge, this is $22.30).  Participants are invited to reflect on the difficulties and triumphs they face during the week.

Household Size Average Benefit Per Day 5-Day Total 7-Day Total
1 $4.46/day $22.30 $31.22
2 $8.40/day $42.00 $58.80
3 $12.53/day $61.75 $87.71
4 $15.30/day $76.50 $107.10

Follow along with the Beyond Hunger staff as we take the SNAP Challenge September 22nd through the 28th.  Share your experience by tagging Beyond Hunger on social media.

Spend no more than $4.46 per person per day on food (this includes drinks and eating out).
Avoid shopping at membership clubs like Costco or Sam's Club.
Only eat food you purchase for the Challenge.
Avoid accepting free food from events or friends.
Feel free to use condiments and spices you already have.
Keep track of all food receipts!
Go one step further, donate your surplus grocery budget (what you saved during the challenge) to Beyond Hunger!