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April 2024: Volunteers of the Month

April volunteers of the month

 Alyssa Makowski

The Pantry team is nominating Alyssa as Volunteer of the Month. From our fresh produce delivery, distribution bagging and sorting food rescues, Alyssa has completed a wide variety of shifts at Beyond Hunger. She is a great team player and is always happy to help others complete tasks. We appreciate all of the time Alyssa has spent this month volunteering with us. Thank you, Alyssa, for supporting our programs!


Gilbert Kuykendoll

The Home Delivery team is nominating Gilbert as Volunteer of the Month. As a brand new volunteer, Gilbert jumped right into helping at our Home Delivery site. During his first shift, he learned that we had a high demand for route assistants. Gilbert signed up to be a route assistant for the rest of the week! Thank you, Gilbert, for supporting our program this month. Your efforts allowed our clients to receive their monthly groceries.