An estimated 30-40% of the American food supply is wasted.  That’s a shame when over 40 million Americans struggle with hunger.  Our Surplus Project was created in an effort to simultaneously address problems of food waste and food insecurity.  

Each day, cafeteria staff/volunteers repackage surplus prepared foods into individual meals in recyclable microwavable containers. All meals contain a vegetable, starch, and protein and are labeled with main allergens, protein, and packaging date. Once packaged, they are refrigerated while awaiting transport to recipient sites.

For more information about the Surplus Project, contact Adriana Riano, Program Manager, (708) 386-1324 ext. 1104. 

Donor Partners   Recipient Partners
Rush Oak Park Hospital (co-founder)   Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry (co-founder)
Dominican University   West Cook YMCA
Riveredge Hospital   Mills Park Tower
Loretto Hospital   Sarah's Inn
Oak Park and River Forest High School   New Life Ministries Food Pantry
Oak Park Township Senior Services   Ebenezer Food Pantry

Who can be a donor site? Any local full-service cafeteria or food service program can become a donor site.  Including, but not limited to, hospitals, universities, schools, restaurants, grocers, corporations.

Who can be a recipient site? Any local organization that serves low-income populations can become a distribution site, including, but not limited to, food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, after school programs.