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Eating well on a budget can be a challenge.  High calorie, fast foods are often cheap and readily available.  Our goal is to provide families with the knowledge and skills to stretch food budgets further while eating food that tastes good and is good for you.  

Want to improve your cooking skills, learn new recipes or stretch your dollars at the supermarket? We'll show you how! We hold the class in-person at Beyond Hunger or virtually - you take the class from where you are via the Zoom platform.  For questions contact our dietitian Maria Delis at or (708) 386-1124 x1110 

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Check out our growing library of videos and recipes designed to help master skills to prepare nutritious meals quickly. 


We partner with nonprofits in our service area such to provide nutrition education and cooking instruction. It's part of our mission to empower families to cook with nutritious foods on a limited budget. For more information about partnership opportunities for nonprofits in Beyond Hunger's 13 zip code service area, contact Maria Delis, RD LDN at or 708 386-1324 x1110


Want to become a Health Ambassador and get paid to give cooking and nutrition demos at community events?  Learn more

Cooking Classes

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