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August Volunteers of the Month


Jean Noble 

There were times this month where Jean was our only volunteer for Home Delivery that day and still kept signing up for more shifts because Jean saw a need. Thank you to Jean for being so supportive of our programming and helping us ensure all tasks were done so we can get our clients their groceries this month.  We’re grateful when you sign up for more shifts at the Home Delivery Chicago office and support our growing number of clients being served each month. Thank you Jean!


John Klus

We are saying farewell to John as he is making a move to be closer to family. John has been such an incredible help at our Tuesday Sort & Bag  shift and the Thursday Delivery. John has always been one that we can count on in so many ways. He always has the patience and flexibility that we need. He gets along with everyone and helps the newer volunteers get acquainted with our operations. All the best to you future adventures, thank you John!