To be a Voice

Dear Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry Supporter,

The mission of the Oak Park Food Pantry is to eliminate hunger in our community. We work hard to achieve that lofty goal each and every day. We have charted a definite course of action to fight hunger in the area we serve.
No matter how hard we work, no mater how much money we raise, no matter how well thought out and visionary our plans might be for the future, our efforts at the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry to fight—if not end hunger in our community—will be devastated if the party in charge of both houses of the United States Congress and President Trump move forward with the Trump administration's 2018 proposed budget as submitted. In his 2018 budget, Trump has proposed massive cuts in SNAP appropriations and negative changes to the rules governing SNAP eligibility.

"We" food pantry volunteers need to be "a voice" for the food insecure, the children, the poor, the marginalized in our community. We must make our voices heard in the halls of power in Washington, D.C.

We are asking YOU to take on yet one more task.. We are asking you to help us fight for our clients, to help us fight the cuts to SNAP being proposed in Washington, to be a voice for the poor who often just cannot be heard in the halls of power....

Rep. Danny Davis, Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth will be NO VOTES on any draconian SNAP cuts. When the budget starts to "move," when changes to eligibility rules start to "move"—when those negative changes begin to be manifested—we will contact you, to contact our Washington legislators....To Say "NO!"

But RIGHT NOW, THIS WEEK -- We have another task to ask YOU to start preparing for!  Right now -- This week!  We need you to think, brainstorm, speculate on colleagues, church friends, family, old college roommates —names of folks you know outside of Congressional District #7, outside of Illinois, and Make A List— 6 names, 12 name, one name, people you could call and ask them if they would call their representatives and senators  when the 2018 federal budget begins to move and ask them to protect SNAP.  

Make a list of one name or seven names -- get their numbers and emails -- NOW! Filed away, posted for future use and be prepared to contact your list and ask your friends to call their Washington Legislators and say NO to cuts to SNAP and food for poor people!!

Here are two articles you could look at now
Data from reach the GCFD has recently conducted as to the prevalence of hunger in Chicago ....
A "balanced" view between Republicans and Democrats as to the needs of the cuts in

--Bob Haisman & Advocacy Committee