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Chillinois is seeking new members and leadership

Green sprouts in the dirt

Chillinois is seeking new members and leadership!  Farmers, eaters and food advocates! Join today.

CHI+ILLINOIS Young Farmers Coalition (ChIYFC, or Chillinois) is the northern Illinois chapter of National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC), an organization devoted to “supporting practices and policies that will sustain young, independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future.” Learn more about NYFC’s mission and goals here. Chillinois hopes to serve as Community Cultivators by creating a public network for young farmers to share resources, market experience and celebrate the life-work balance of a new farmer.

Chillinois was founded by three women farmers in the Spring of 2016 with the intention to connect the growing community of young farmers emerging in the historically agrarian state of Illinois. The chapter aims to support major themes in NYFC policies: #farmingisapublic service, debt relief, access to land and educational resources for organic farmers. We are devoted to supporting equity in access to land and resources to farmers of color and indigenous farmers, and changing the current landscape to bring underserved individuals and communities to the table and to power in agriculture. In 2018, leadership changed hands to passionate food advocates in Chicago, and now seeks new leadership to connect and charge the community of vibrant farmers that currently exists and thrives in urban, suburban and rural northern Illinois. 

Traditionally the chapter has been governed by an equal distribution of farmers, with voting power within a board of invested active farmers and farm advocates. They are hoping to revisit this leadership structure to build sustainable roles of action for both farmers and non-farmers alike. 

They are looking for a four person leadership group of:

  • (or more) active farmers, 8-10 hours monthly commitment
  • 2 agriculture advocates, 8-10 hours monthly commitment

In addition, they are seeking committed board members who can attend a monthly meeting to discuss and vote on chapter matters (approximately 2 hours per month). Attendance and participation in any subcommittees is not a direct requirement of a board member.  

If interested in a leadership position or board member position, please reach out to:

Chiillinois is a group of farmers that are passionate about connecting to our community, opening access to resources and knowledge, and affecting policy change to ensure the viability of sustainable agriculture as a career for our peers and future generations.