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February 2024: Volunteers of the Month

February Volunteers of the Month

Sebastian Coste

The Pantry team would like to shout out Sebastian as Volunteer of the Month. Sebastian has spent many hours of his time volunteering for Beyond Hunger recently. As a new volunteer, he has enthusiastically taken on various shifts. Sebastian has been a huge help as registration assistant, braving the elements in the parking lot during distribution. He is always happy to offer his assistance wherever it is needed, no matter the job. We greatly appreciate everything Sebastian has done for us and would love to express our gratitude. Thank you, Sebastian!


The Home Delivery (HD) team would like to shout out John Elliot. Each month, John signs up for our Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) delivery shift. He does an excellent job, and we are thankful for his knowledge of our program. We truly appreciate his support with unloading our GCFD delivery truck onto carts, even when the order is big. This shift is not usually our volunteers' first pick because it requires a lot of heavy-lifting, but John has become a pro for this shift, moving all the items into our HD space safely. He knows where every item goes on the grocery shelves and in the back of our stock area. Our food delivery goes smoothly with all his help. You are the best, John!