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Healthy Chef Challenge Participants

Healthy Chef Challenge Home Edition 2021 - Participants

Thanks to our 2021 Healthy Chef Challenge Home Edition Participants. Their dishes and enthusiasm made this event a HUGE success!  Check out the websites for our Professionals too. 


  • Jess Hwang—Garden Flatbread (vegan)
  • Jay Michaels—Tropical Spring Roll
  • Noele Sutherland—Sardine & Bean salad wrapped in collard greens. 
  • Paul Clark—Smoky red snapper with collards and white beans
  • Michael Glab—Beyond Comfort 
  • Sampada Dali—Great Northern Tostadas
  • Alicia Avila—Chicken Tomatillo Fiesta with yummy sides.
  • Victoria Delis—Citrus Glazed Salmon with Mandarin Red Pepper Salsa and Farro Risotto with Frizzled Collard Greens
  • Jane Newton—Slow-Cooked Chilli Chicken Over Noodles  with an Eat-Your-Greens Salsa
  • Ben Laufer—Mediterranean-ish Salmon

Kids and Teens:

  • Cat Nickles—Cate's Greens and Beans
  • Aarya Naringrekar—Brown Rice and Beans Coco Wraps


  • Lisa Counts—Blueberry BBQ Glazed Chicken with Power Salad and Creamy Bright Hummus
  • Melissa Elsmo—Haute and Healthy Chicken 
  • Peter Schonman—Cherry-Tequila Pork Tenderloin 
  • Angie Montroy—Health-Pho Summer Shrimp Salad with Light Mandarin Dressing
  • Mitzi Coaker—Spicy Boneless Chicken,  Collard Greens, Whole Grain Brown Rice, White Northern Beans Soup, Cornbread, and Allspice Mandarin Sorbet 
  • Jen Gomez—Orange Balsamic Pork Tenderloin, pumpkin risotto, braised beans + collard greens
  • Zita Smith-Stephens—Spicy Braised Collards w/Chicken Smoked Sausage