Hello New AmeriCorps (& Goodbye Lauren)

This fall we welcome two new AmeriCorps to our office -- Myrium and Anthony. We also said goodbye to AmeriCorps member, Lauren.  

Over the course of the year Lauren has worked as Nutrition Programs Assistant, helping expand and run our Home Delivery and Surplus Project programing.  We don't know what the future holds for her, but we know whatever it is she's going to do amazing things. 

Taking over as Nutrition Programs Assistant is Myriam.  A Chicago native from the southwest area, she attended Northern Illinois University and majored in Environmental Studies. Before this she worked as a crew leader for the summer, doing restoration projects and trail maintenance, while leading a group of teenagers in the forest preserves. She became interested in the Nutrition Programs Assistant position to give back to those in need while gaining more work experience at the same time. 

Anthony will be filling the Pantry Supervisor Position (currently held by Jenny who will finish her term later this year). He was born in San Diego, California and moved to several different states during childhood before ending up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago as an adolescent.  In December 2016, he graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Biology and plans to attend graduate school for dietetics in the near future.  Tony completed a 3-month stint as a plastic pollution researcher for another nonprofit organization before coming to the pantry.  The upcoming year at the pantry will be full of firsts and new challenges, and he is excited to meet and undertake them for the betterment of the pantry, its clients and himself.

So, next time you see Anthony or Myrium around, be sure to give them a very warm welcome!