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January Volunteers of the Month: Beverly Tuck and Arunas Gasparaitis

Beverly Tuck and Arunas Gasparaitis

After Beverly and her husband, Arunas Gadparaitis, saw a gap in our schedule they made a monthly commitment to the Home Delivery Program. Now, they are one of our main Driving and Route Assistant pairs working multiple shifts to get groceries to families' homes. They also help with bagging perishables and filling boxes before they head out the door. They even make calls, checking in with our clients, getting their monthly grocery orders.

Thanks to Beverly and Arunas for everything they do to help our community. We are truly grateful. Here is something Beverly had to say about volunteering with Beyond Hunger: "Daisy, Nina and the teams are terrific.  It is inspiring to see how dedicated and caring they are. They maintain a high standard operationally and show their appreciation to the volunteers."