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May 2024: Volunteers of the Month

May Volunteers of the Month

Eunece Franklin

The Pantry team nominates Eunece, otherwise known as "E", as their volunteer of the month. E is one of our regular sort and baggers, she has been eager to get more experience in the pantry helping with our produce deliveries and joining us for our distribution days as well. She is always very friendly and always a pleasure to have around. We appreciate her enthusiasm and hard work at Beyond Hunger. Thank you, Eunece!


Mary Anderson

The Home Delivery team nominates Mary as their volunteer of the month. Mary has such a positive energy that helps bring sunshine to the office, even on a cloudy day. Thank you, Mary, for always supporting our new volunteers by being a point person for them, and ensuring we stay on track during shopping. We appreciate the care you put into each box you pack and each produce bag you prep. Thank you for all the time you donate to all the programs at Beyond Hunger!