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Now Hiring: Community Nutrition Program Specialist


Anti-Hunger Corps VISTA program aims to hunger, poverty, and build the capacity of the agencies that address these issues. Members will assist unemployed and under-employed people obtain job training, job placement, and financial literacy services; improve access to food from government and nonprofit sources for targeted populations in particular and food insecure people in general; enable residents of food deserts to access healthier foods through farmers markets and community gardens; more low-income children to obtain free school breakfasts and summer meals; effective nonprofit groups fighting hunger and poverty to raise more money and recruit and manage more volunteers, particularly high-impact and skilled volunteers.

Incorporate and co-lead program strategies and guidelines that will decrease nutrition insecurity amongst older adults.

•    Coordinate the integration of nutrition education in the senior home delivery program.
•    Update the nutrition intake form for the home delivery program that reflects the dietary restrictions of older adults.
•    Develop the home delivery program’s monthly grocery menu based on clients’ nutrition needs.
•    Assist with the implementation of our new nutrition trainer-to-trainer that targets older adults with diabetes.
•    Serve as the go-to trainer for participants falling behind in the trainer-to-trainer program.
•    Develop and implement a plan to incorporate culturally relevant foods into the home delivery program.
•    Create a new grocery list for the senior home delivery program that will allow older adults to view the grocery list items ahead of their calling.

Develop community outreach and communication strategies to educate vulnerable populations about nutrition.
Member Activities:
•    Lead and coordinate outreach efforts to offer more community cooking classes.
•    Coordinate partner and participant outreach for future nutrition programming.
•    Design and manage nutrition education posts for the Facebook group.
•    Assist in supervising Dietetic Interns and educate them on promoting specialty food boxes to the community.
•    Promote and increase participants in Beyond Hunger’s private Facebook group.
•    Create, update, and community a nutrition education program calendar.
•    Assist in developing nutritional collateral and communications that will help our community make healthier, culturally appropriate, and affordable meals.

Integrate technology, data, and evaluation strategies to further improve nutrition education programming and outreach.

•    Design better systems and databases to increase the expansion of nutrition education programming.
•    Evaluate the integration of Nutrition Education in the senior home delivery program and develop ideas on how to improve nutrition offerings.
•    Research, survey, develop and incorporate special diet grocery list items for the older adult’s delivery program.
•    Survey and access data of participants in our nutrition trainer-to-trainer program.

To indicate interest in position, and for link to listing of full job requirements and application on VISTA platform, please email