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Volunteer Spotlight: Beverly Pointdexter

Beverly volunteering

Although our first volunteer orientation of the summer has passed, we're continuing to recognize some of our volunteers and the fantastic work they do. My name is Sydney, and I am joining the Beyond Hunger team for the month of June as their Summer Communications Intern. Throughout the week, I'll be highlighting some of our amazing volunteers who are allowing me to share their Beyond Hunger stories. While there are many wonderful people who dedicate their time to volunteering, I had the opportunity to talk with these individuals about their experiences. Thank you to all who volunteer for everything you do! 

Beverly Pointdexter  

When Beverly moved last year, she knew she wanted to continue volunteering in her spare time. After looking online for organizations closer to her new home, Beverly came across Beyond Hunger. Since beginning to volunteer in April of 2022, Beverly has become one of our most frequent volunteers, coming in, she estimated, around three to four times a week.  

“You come here, and you get this whole group of people that you’re laughing and talking with, and in the meantime, you’re helping people, which is something I love to do,” she explained.  

During our conversation, Beverly mentioned how much she enjoyed being able to converse with clients. 

“The biggest thing is the people,” she said. “You’re just talking back and forth – they’re feeling better, they’re smiling – it makes me feel good.” 

Although she signs up for various types of volunteer shifts, Beverly noted her favorite time to volunteer is during the drive-thru distribution. She described liking the feeling of adrenaline she receives from working in a fast-paced environment as she helps move everything along from one thing to the next alongside a team of other volunteers. 

“You feel like you’re really a part of this larger thing that’s going on,” she said. 

Beverly’s comment about the drive-thru distribution stuck out to me, especially after I asked if there were any words that came to mind when she thought about her time volunteering with us. Contrary to how she characterized her favorite volunteer shift, she was the first and only volunteer to respond “peaceful”. 

“A lot of times I’ve been coming here, things are going on in my mind,” she said. “But [when volunteering] my focus is just here.” 

She mentioned that during her Sort & Bag shifts, she feels calm when all her attention is only on the task at hand.  

“It’s just so organized and it’s comfortable,” she said. “You’re doing something you love; you’re doing it with people who are enjoyable to be around, and you look forward to coming to see them again.” 

However, Beverly added that of all the feelings she experiences when she volunteers, the greatest is the sense of fulfillment she receives from contributing to something larger than herself. 

“It just gives you a really good feeling to see how much they do for the people in this community,” she said. “If you’re community-oriented and you want to get in there and get your hands going, this is a place you can do it.” 

All the emotions Beverly recounted when she spoke with me raise an important point about volunteering. There is something for everyone when they come to volunteer. Some individuals may be interested in very active roles when they volunteer, while others may be looking for something more relaxing. Whether it’s lifting items, organizing, engaging in conversation, or doing a little bit of everything, volunteers can choose what they prefer. Nevertheless, as Beverly pointed out, regardless of the shift a volunteer takes on, they can walk away knowing they made a difference.  

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