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Volunteer Spotlight: Leen

Leen volunteering

This week, as we have our first volunteer orientation of the summer, we're recognizing some of our volunteers and the fantastic work they do. My name is Sydney, and I am joining the Beyond Hunger team for the month of June as their Summer Communications Intern. Throughout the week, I'll be highlighting some of our amazing volunteers who are allowing me to share their Beyond Hunger stories. While there are many wonderful people who dedicate their time to volunteering, I had the opportunity to talk with these individuals about their experiences. Thank you to all who volunteer for everything you do! 


Last summer, while researching local volunteer opportunities, Leen came across Beyond Hunger. Although she told me she didn’t know what to expect when she first volunteered, she explained she felt a sense of community that motivated her to come back. 

“Everyone kind of knows everyone,” she said. “There was a really strong connection between the people in the food pantry and the clients, and that’s what really drew me in.” 

Leen usually signs up for registration assistant shifts, which allows her to form some of the connections that initially encouraged her to continue to volunteer. 

 “You’re kind of just having a conversation with people, and as you’re taking their information, you learn about their lives," she explained.

In addition to enjoying interacting with clients, Leen said she likes volunteering because she feels she is doing something productive.  

“It’s nice to be one of the many people who work hard to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can,” she said. 

She added she also appreciates the flexibility of volunteering.  

“You can come in and volunteer whenever you want,” she said. “If you haven’t done volunteer work before, I think this is a great place to start.” 

Leen was one of the many volunteers I spoke with who mentioned a feeling of connectivity when asked about their experience at Beyond Hunger. Despite having no preexisting knowledge of Beyond Hunger and not knowing any other volunteers when she first started, Leen described being able to build relationships while volunteering. Volunteers who sign up for registration shifts, like Leen, take on an incredibly important role in our distribution process. Registration assistants are one of the first people clients talk to when they visit our pantry. The connections Leen feels and creates while volunteering help establish the warm and welcoming environment we strive to foster for all who come to the pantry – including our volunteers.  

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