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A week of Home Delivery Programming

A week of Home Delivery with Roxana Hernandez, Beyond Hunger Tyson Summer Intern

At Beyond Hunger I’ve been able to experience every aspect of the Home Delivery Program. This past month we were able to deliver groceries to over 350 individual clients. Our clients are individuals that can’t make it to our physical food pantry or need assistance going grocery shopping on their own. This includes older adults and people that are disabled. The staff, volunteers and interns work hard to not only make sure all our clients get groceries but also give them the chance to choose their grocery items. All this magic happens at our Chicago office which is 2.4 miles away in the Austin neighborhood or approximately a 10-minute drive from Beyond Huner’s Oak Park location.

Usually at the beginning of the month we start off by calling clients and letting them know when their next delivery of groceries will be and then moving on to going through that month’s grocery list options. The Home Delivery team has made this calling process easy. The calling script provided help, as I get phone anxiety and get stuck on what to say, and it includes a script for when leaving a voicemail. The links to the calling list and menu options are sent via email so I was able to work from the comfort of my own home. My favorite part about calling is the amount of appreciation that our clients give us and having conversations with our clients since sometimes we may be the only other interaction they receive that day.

Packing boxes

Other tasks that can be tedious but very important is the programming work like taping boxes, stocking, and inventory. This work ensures everything is set and ready for programming. I have enjoyed it because it’s a good time to just zone out and listen to some music or watch a movie that staff puts on. The staff are always in good spirits and make sure you aren’t feeling overworked. When delivery week comes around, I’m usually ready for a fast-paced day because we bag produce, shop for our clients, and deliver all by 12pm. Delivery week is by far my favorite weeks because the days go by fast, and I get to meet some of the clients I spoke to at the beginning of the month during calling.

Even after my internship is over, I will be volunteering at Beyond Hunger especially with their Home Delivery Program. They are always making changes to make the program more efficient for program participants and volunteers. I’ve had nothing but good times during my internship and always end my day feeling confident in the work I did. I’m thankful for Beyond Hunger’s staff, volunteers, interns, and clients for making my summer so meaningful.






Roxana and Ali
Ali Vietti and Roxana Hernandez, Beyond Hunger Summer Interns