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Volunteers are critical to every aspect of our operation, providing over 2,000 hours of collective time every month.  Our volunteers have been rated #1 for the last 40 years (by us) for their determination, compassion, availability, and overall skill. Thank you for your interest in joining our mission to end local hunger!

Beyond Hunger Volunteers

A variety of volunteer shifts are available, during weekday, evening, and weekend hours. We offer shifts that run the gamut, including data entry, repacking, serving Pantry guests, and unloading delivery trucks.  We hope to provide a volunteer opportunity for everyone, at every ability level.

Our volunteers are currently required to provide proof of vaccination, digital or hard copy.  For more information about our vaccine policy click here.

If you have any questions about volunteering or the volunteer sign-up process, please email us at

Check out our COVID vaccine policy for all volunteers

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Before getting your (figurative) hands dirty, we ask that all prospective volunteers

  1. Complete the New Volunteer Form
  2. Complete the Volunteer Orientation
  3. Submit Volunteer Documentation

Once you complete the volunteer form, you will receive an email with information on upcoming volunteer orientation sessions. After you attend your volunteer orientation, you will be marked as ‘active’ and will be able to access your volunteer portal to sign up (you’ll learn how at orientation). 

Volunteer News & Events

Jean Noble There were times this month where Jean was our only volunteer for Home Delivery that day and still kept signing up for more shifts because Jean saw a need. Thank you to Jean for being so...
Ricardo and Volunteer
CONGRATULATIONS MARCH VOLUNTEERS OF THE MONTH HOME DELIVERY Adrianne Gregory (left) took on client calls with gusto! Our team understands that HD Calling can seem daunting the first time you do it...
Beverly Tuck and Arunas Gasparaitis
After Beverly and her husband, Arunas Gadparaitis, saw a gap in our schedule they made a monthly commitment to the Home Delivery Program. Now, they are one of our main Driving and Route Assistant...

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