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Healthy Tips

10 Tip for More Whole Grains
Heart Healthy Holiday Gifts
Chase Tackling Your Credit in 2022
10 Tips for MyPlate
Food Safe Families
April Telephone Topics
Tips for Healthy Thrifty Meals
Safe Cooking Guidelines
Nutrition Facts
What is Diabetes?
Make MyPlate Work for You
Step By Step Prevent Diabetes
Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers
10 Things You Never Knew About Heart Disease
10 Tips on Salt and Sodium
10 Tips for More Fruit
Fat Facts
10 Tips for More Veggies
Heart Disease Know the Risks

Consejos Saludables

Alimentación Más Sana
Consejos Para Comidas Sanas Y Económicas
La Etiqueta de Datos de Nutrición
Más Frutas y Verduras en Tres Pasos
Paso a Paso Prevengamos la Diabetes
Qué es La Diabetes?
Familias Preparan Alimentos Adecuadamente


How to Bid in our 2020 Silent Auction
CAC Social Media Group Post
SNAP ABAWD in IL 12.20.19
Kenilworth Construction Project
CAC Timeline
CAN Do Community Challenge School Packet 2022
Volunteer Masking Protocol 8.6.2021
Can Do Challenge School Packet 2023
CAC Goals FY@!
Virtual Food Drive Flyer
CAC Bylaws
Healthy Chef Sponsorship 2023
CAC Goals FY21
CAN Do Create a Team
Youth Services Committee Member Description
Volunteer COVID-19 Safety Protocols 11.11.21
Beyond Hunger Resources
Can Do Poster 2022
You Services Committee Application
Volunteer COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Consent
Healthy Chef Challenge Competitor Information Packet
Volunteer Vaccine Policy 11.11.2021
Toolkit for External Fundraisers
CAN Do Community Challenge Family Flyer 2022
Racial Equity Scorecard by Marlysa D. Gamblin
Healthy Ambassador Recruitment Flyer
Volunteer Vaccine Policy 11.11.2021
CAN DO Community Challenge Poster
Goals Worksheet
Health Ambassador Job Desc.
Volunteer COVID Safety Protocols 1111
Volunteer Waiver 2024
Food Box News Sample with CAC recruitment text
Health Ambassador Application
Volunteer COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Consent Form
CAC Recruitment Flyer
COVID TABLE - 10.25.2022
Categorical Eligibility FAQs
Kenilworth Construction Project

Volunteer: Summer Meals

Summer Meals: Base Camp On-Site Brooks
Summer Meals: Base Camp On-Site Longfellow
Summer Meals: Light of Liberty Church
Summer Meals: New Life Ministires
Summer Meals: Base Camp Driver
How to Grow a Row

Volunteer: Special Events

Can Do Virtual Food Drive
Toolkit to Talk to children
Kids for Change
Can Do 2021 Poster
Whole Grain Lesson
School Donation Box Posters -
Cat's Cookbook
Create a CAN DO Fundraising Page
Grocery Store Bing
Can Do Photo Props
Food Critic Page
Donate a Can for HAM
Bulbs for Beyond Hunger 2023
Hunger Hero Class Activities
My Plate Coloring Activity
Block Party Poster
Bulbs for Beyond Hunger 2023
Tip Sheet Healthy Eating for Teens
Hunger Hero Activities
Our Block Gives Back
Healthy Chef Info
Spanish Tip Sheet Healthy Eating Teens
Good Food Coloring Pages
Judge Info for the Healthy Chef Challenge
Healthy Eating for Kids
Healthy Chef Challenge Competitor Information Packet
Feeding America Family Activity Guide
Learn Hunger Action Month Book Resources
Most Needed Items
Table Tents FY22
CAN Do Community Challenge School Packet 2023
Community Fundraiser Toolkit
A Voice at the Table: Client Advisory Councils - HFC Virtual Summit
Hours and Information Half Page
Hunger Action Month Photo Props Downloadable PDF

Volunteer: Surplus Project

Rush to Food Pantry
Dominican Rescue
Rush to YMCA

Volunteer: Rescues

Bruegger's Bagels Rescue Pickup Procedures
Montalbano Rescue Pickup Procedures
Pete's Fresh Market Rescue Pick-Up Procedures
Costco Rescue Pickup Procedures
Oak Park Bakery Rescue Pickup Procedure
Costco Rescue TUESDAY Pickup Procedures
Prairie Bread Kitchen Rescue Pickup Procedure
Red Hen Jimmy John's FRIDAY Rescue Pickup Procedures
Red Hen Jimmy John's TUESDAY Rescue Pickup Procedures
Rush Oak Park Hospital Rescue Pickup Procedure
Fruitful Yield Rescue Pickup Procedures
Ultra Rescue Pickup Procedures
Fresh Thyme Pick-up
How to Bag Rescued Bread
Whole Foods Rescue Pickup Procedures
How to Bag Rescued Produce
Jewel Oscso Oak Park Madison Rescue Pickup Procedures
Jewel Oscso River Forest Rescue Pickup Procedures
Oak Park Farmer's Market

Volunteer: Economy Shop

Economy Shop Additional Setup Procedures
Economy Shop Setup and Sale Date Procedures
Economy Shop Transaction Procedures

Volunteer: General Pantry

Grow-A-Row How To
Equal Hope Medical Homes Project Flyer
SB506 Fact Sheet
SNAP Shop Online English
SNAP Shop Online Spanish
Equal Hope Fact Sheet Breast and Cervical Cancer
TANF Drug Ban Fact Sheet
Equal Hope Medical Homes Brochure
Amita Health Flu Season English
25 Days of Kindness Calendar
Spanish Language SNAP Disaster Benefit Replacement
Amita Health Flu Season Spanish
FY22 Proxy Statement
English SNAP Disaster Benefit Replacement Form
2020 Snap Renewal English
State Farm Quotes for Good, September 2020
2020 SNAP Renewal Spanish
Online Snap Guide
The Independent Living Program, Mayors Office for People with Disabilities
Paper Source Jobs
HABITNU Walmart Health
Sugar Beet Food Co-Op Link Match
The Home Mod Program, City of Chicago
Proxy English

Volunteer: Home Delivery

Volunteer: Cooking Matters

Health Ambassador
Health Ambassador Job Description
Meal Planning Template
The Organized Meal Plan

Volunteer: Distribution

Citizen's Utility Board Deadlines and Information - English and Spanish
Chicago Rental Assistance Program