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Berry Vanilla Shake Recipe Photo. Two glasses on pink smoothies, with red straws. Background is white painted wood, and whole strawberries are around the glasses.
Berries are great antioxidants that increase the health of our brains and our body's various systems. The Greek yogurt (or nondairy alternative) and milk add protein; the combination of fiber and protein will keep you full for hours! Cauliflower is our secret ingredient here; it will boost the fiber...
Black Bean Tacos Recipe Photo. Ingredients for making tacos are laid out in bowls, with corn tortillas to the side. Table is white.
Have you been searching for a hassle-free recipe that the entire family will enjoy? Look no more! This Black Bean Taco recipe is high-protein and fiber, which means it will keep the entire family full. If you’re not into corn tortillas, feel free to use a flour tortilla and make some super-quick...
Smoothie with blueberries, oats, milk, hemp seeds, and banana. Against a white background.
Berries are great antioxidants that increase the health of our brains and our body's various systems. Nuts and seeds are a great source of healthy fats and Vitamin E, which protects our cells from everyday damage. Dark leafy greens are packed with multiple vitamins, like Vitamin K, and can also help...
Braised greens in white bowl, with wooden spoon across the top of the dish.
This recipe blends our 3-favorite dark, leafy green veggies with bacon and garlic. The result is a delicious side dish suitable for any occasion that is also a nutrition powerhouse! Your taste buds (and body) will thank you for cooking this rich dish.
Brown Rice and Orange Salad with edamame beans and dried cranberries
Cooking Matters
This heart healthy recipe is full of plant based proteins and fiber loaded with vitamin c. Easy to customize it makes for a refreshing summer treat.
butternut squash with cranberries
This butternut squash pasta salad is both sweet and savory. With flavors from parmesan cheese and sweet-tart cranberries, it will surely hit the spot on a chilly fall evening!
butternut squash soup
Looking for a cozy recipe for the fall and winter? Don’t look any further! This healthy, vegetable-rich recipe will warm you up during those cold winter days, and it will satisfy your cravings. It only requires 10 ingredients, and the soup can last up to a week in the fridge! Unsure how to peel and...
A classic California Style Burger, but wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Blurred and mostly white background.
Try out this delicious California Burger Wrap recipe or use any leftover burgers! This dinner recipe provides iron and Vitamin A. Everyone is bound to enjoy this high-protein meal.
Charred Corn and Black Bean Salad Recipe Photo. A colorful bowl of food, in a white bowl.
This is not your ordinary salad… not only is it a nice summer treat, but it is also packed with healthy ingredients. Black beans are a great source of protein and iron. Corn is rich in the carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which are nutrients important for eye health. Both beans and corn are high...
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Cacciatore is an Italian dish that combines a savory braise of chicken, mushrooms, and tomatoes. It is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Due to their exposure to UV rays or sunlight, mushrooms are a natural, non-animal source of vitamin D2; our body turns this into the active form of...
A white bowl of Chicken Creole, against a white background. Various items such as salt and pepper are in the background of the photo.
This Creole-inspired dish uses chili sauce and cayenne pepper to spice it up. Tomatoes, green pepper, celery, onions, garlic, & spices also surround the chicken, providing it with an enticing color. Enjoy this delicious, high-protein meal for dinner!
Chickpea Tuna Salad in a white bowl, against a white background. Salad also contains greens, tomatoes and other vegetables.
This is a simple and healthy recipe that is perfect for a quick lunch, easy dinner, or after school snack. Chickpeas are a rich source of zinc and folate, which help to keep your brain and eyes healthy. Tuna is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids; these special fats reduce inflammation and promote...
Four red,  stuffed bell peppers on a white plate, against a white background.
This easy crock pot recipe uses simple, pantry ingredients to make a flavorful, meat-free meal. It's loaded with protein from the baked beans, vitamin C from the bell peppers, and fiber from all the veggies and beans. Serve alongside cornbread or a whole wheat roll for a filling meal. If you like a...
Chocolate Cake in square pan - depression era cake
This cake may not cure your depression, but we hope that it brightens your day! This unique Chocolate Cake recipe was popularized during the great depression when fresh food ingredients (like milk and eggs) were in limited supply; it is rich and chocolatey without using any eggs, butter, or milk! A...
Recipe Photo for Cinnamon Oatmeal Breakfast Bars. A stack of home-cooked snack bars with raisins and oats, against a white background.
Why buy granola bars when you can make these! This yummy and nutritious treat is sure satisfy your granola bar cravings.
Cowboy Caviar with tortilla chips in white serving ware
Cowboy caviar is a guilt-free dip that adds extra vegetables to your diet. This recipe also contains beans, which are an excellent source of protein and iron with less saturated fat than meat! In the summer when tomatoes are abundant, try grape or cherry tomatoes for variety. Adding avocado will...
Creamy Salsa Chicken Skillet. Photo of red salsa, and photo of grilled chicken are combined diagonally.
Tired of the same old chicken recipes? This dish will change all that with its lively, rich flavors. It also is rich in B vitamins and iron and low in saturated fat and sugar, making it a heart healthy go-to! And, it comes together quickly, so you can have dinner ready in no time flat.
Catfish nuggets
Food has the great ability to connect us with people and remind us of the memorable moments in life. Here we have a New Orleans style remoulade dipping sauce paired perfectly with catfish nuggets. Try this sauce with crispy potatoes or shrimp; it will surely elevate any appetizer dish to the level...
Cucumber Tomato Salad
Cucumbers are amazing fruits that contain many nutrients while also being very low in calories. Cucumbers promote hydration due to their high-water content, they contain antioxidants, and they are an easy, refreshing addition to any dish. The cucumber tomato salad recipe makes a classic side dish...
Cucumber Tomato SAlad
Cucumbers are amazing fruits that contain many nutrients while also being very low in calories. Cucumbers promote hydration due to their high-water content, they contain antioxidants, and they are an easy, refreshing addition to any dish. The cucumber tomato salad recipe makes a classic side dish...
Photo for Dried Beans Information Sheet and Recipe. Various bowls of dried beans against a white background.
Dried beans are a great source of protein and take very little effort to cook. This is a basic guide on how to prepare and cook dried beans, but with a little creativity you can transform them into a delicious dish!
Sweet Potato Hash with an egg
Sweet potatoes are packed with fiber, Vitamin A, and potassium while also being low in calories. Overall, fiber and potassium are known to increase energy levels, lower blood pressure, and even promote healthy blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes are also known to be great sources of Vitamin E...
Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Chickpeas and Spinach Recipe Photo. Food is in a white pan against a grey background. Bowl of salt is to the side.
Chickpeas are a rich source of folate and zinc; both help keep your brain and eyes healthy. When paired with vitamin A and C-rich tomato sauce, you have a well-rounded meal. This recipe is quick and vegetarian-friendly!
Una foto de las enchiladas hondureñas. Hay carne, queso, tomate y jalapeño.
No como las enchiladas en las que puede pensar primero, las enchiladas hondureñas están hechas al estilo de una tostada. Tienen capas de diferentes sabores y texturas, lo que los convierte en un delicioso refrigerio o comida principal. ¡La deliciosa base de carne y verduras se puede disfrutar como...